St Peter the Apostle
Provincetown MA 02657

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                                                                                              PARISH NURSE

Parish/Faith community nursing is a specialty practice combing professional nursing and health ministry. The Parish Nurse is a member of the church working in conjunction with the pastor and congregation to provide opportunities for improving health and healing.

  1. Integrator of Faith and Healing
  2. Personal Health Counselor
  3. Health Educator
  4. Referral Agent
  5. Health Advocate
  6. Trainor of Volunteers
  7. Developer of Support Groups

The Parish Nurse makes visits to parishioners of St. Peter’s in their home, nursing home and hospital.   All information is held in strict confidentiality according to the Nurse Practice Act.  Parish nurses do not provide direct nursing/medical care.

  1. Weekly Health Topics in Bulletin
  2. CAPE COD - A NATION OF IMMIGRANTS.   All families have a migration story.  Unfortunately, we do not always take the time to engage migrants in a meaningful way.   Please click here to see much more information.
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